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Letter to the Editor Guidelines:

Email us your letter [email protected]

You must include:
Your full name, your address, email and phone numbers. We will not publish letters written anonymously or written under  pseudonyms.  We may contact you by phone to verify you wrote the letter. Your address and phone number will not be published.

ACCURACY: Letters that are factually inaccurate will not be printed.

LENGTH: Be concise; 1 – 3 paragraphs, 50 – 150 words. Short letters show knowledge of the issue and belief in your position.

CONTENT: Avoid personal attacks, show respect for the opposite opinion. Address the issue not the individual author.

DISCLOSURE: You must disclose any personal or financial interest you  have in the subject matter.

PROOFREAD: Check your submission for spelling and grammatical errors as well as clarity.

Opinion Section Guidelines: CAC students only:

The Cactus welcomes submissions of opinion articles on any topic for publication in print and online. Submissions must be authored by current CAC students and the required personal information is the same as Letter to the Editor submissions (see above). Articles can be of any length, although between 500 – 750 words is recommended. Submission does not guarantee publication. Many factors affect whether an article is published and is at the discretion of the Editors and Advisor.

Email us your opinion articles at [email protected]


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