CAC Cactus

2017-2018 Staff

Kevin Abke

Cactus Writer

Kevin Abke is working on completing a transfer degree to Arizona State University. His major is Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology. Kevin moved to Arizona 3 years ago, and has been attending CAC full time for the past 2 years....

Leah Cirks

Cactus Writer

Leah Cirks is a goofy and fun-loving girl who will try and crack a joke at any given second. Although she was born in Illinois and has lived in several other states, Leah has lived most of her life in Casa Grande. She loves reading...

Ivy McClanahan

Cactus Writer

Originally from Utah, Ivy McClanahan has been a resident of Arizona since 2006. She is working on getting her Associates of Science and plans to continue her education to reach her dream career of being a surgeon. During her free...

Lucas Elgin

Cactus Writer

Lucas Elgin is currently in his second semester at CAC, working towards AutoCAD certification with the eventual goal of transferring to ASU and majoring in engineering. He has lived in four states so far. While at home, he spends...

Nick Feldman

Cactus Writer

Nick Feldman is about to finish his AA in Psychology with the goal of transferring to ASU, and continuing onwards to obtain a Master’s degree in the same field.  He is the sole guitarist and founding member of the metal/rock...

Michaela Korges

Cactus Writer

Michaela Korges loves the way that words bow to her command in a way that math equations won’t. She spends a lot of her time with her family, two cats, and a dog. The rest she spends at CAC working toward an associate’s degree...

Ben Smith

Cactus Writer

Ben is a sophomore at CAC, the SMC Vice President of Student Government Association and the College Project Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa. He is also a member of the Honors Program. He’s pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in...

Olivia Wauer

Cactus Writer

Olivia Wauer has lived in Arizona her entire life and loves the sunsets.  She’s not afraid of scary movies or the dark, but she will jump if you say her name too loudly.  She loves adrenaline-inducing activities and the water,...

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