College Students Save Money with These Streaming Services

Noah Garcia

College is expensive. Whether it’s eating ramen for the rest of the week or buying the cheapest clothes on the market, cutting corners on costs is required for every student. But one doesn’t have to cut corners on streaming services – in fact, being a college student can help you save money.

To sign up for various streaming services at a reduced cost, you only need a school email. This simplifies the process. If you choose to use your personal email, you will be required to present a school ID for proof.

Spotify offers their Premium service to students at half the cost, a meager $5. This includes streaming and downloading all their music. It is also bundled with Hulu and SHOWTIME. You will have access to millions of songs, tens of thousands of movies and shows, all at just a fraction of the cost.

Hulu is home to a deep catalog of shows, including critically acclaimed originals. TV shows like the acclaimed Handmaid’s Tale or Horrible People are some great ways to start the Hulu binge. SHOWTIME, like Hulu, is known for its TV shows, such as Dexter, Shameless, Homeland, and Who is America.

The first 6 months of Apple music are free. This service is well integrated with the Apple Ecosystem. Simply put, if you have an Apple device, you will have a better experience with the service.  Unfortunately, this does have shortcomings if you have an Android. The app is outdated and isn’t integrated well on Android phones.

Tidal is a music streaming service owned by Jay-Z. It allows downloading music and includes a simple interface like Spotify. A great reason to choose Tidal is to listen to Artist Exclusives like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Tidal costs $1 for the first 4 months, then increases to $5 a month.

Buying items for class can be quite pricey. However, Amazon Prime Student will give you free shipping at half the membership price. For $60 a year, or $6.49 a month, you can benefit from Amazon Prime deals and save money on the site. You even get the first 6 months free when you sign up. Features like unlimited photo storage, free movies and TV shows, as well as music streaming are included with the total cost.

There isn’t a bad option here if you’re looking to save money on entertainment. Choosing wisely may come down to saving the most money or looking at the best compatibility with the devices you have.