ASARCO Mining Strike Hits Towns Around Aravaipa

Jose Lira

A strike has started after the union rejected the offer from Asarco. Asarco is an open pit mining company that employs over 1,000 people in the copper area, which is located near Kearny, Arizona.  The smelter of Asarco located in Hayden, Arizona, is also on strike. After Asarco gave their “best, last, and final” offer, the union workers were “insulted”.   Hayden is not the only town affected; Amarillo, Texas Asarco plant is also on strike.

United Steel Workers, which is the union representing the picketers against Asarco are negotiating on behalf of the workers of Asarco.

The negotiations were suspended until November 14. Some of the requirements union wants Asarco to honor is higher wages and a safer work environment.  Also, since 2014, Asarco had $10 million worth of bonuses due to workers.

Workers of Asarco started the strike on October 12, and it looks like this strike will be going on for a while. The union and some local businesses in Pima County are providing the strikers with food, health care, and temporary jobs while the strike continues.

Many say it will take a long time before the strike is resolved, but the union and the strikers are in high spirits. While discussions are going on about the new contract and better pay, the union will continue to have events to support the workers as the strike continues.