Casa Grande Promenade Is Promising New Attractions In 2020


Karina Nardo

The Promenade in Casa Grande has recently reopened and announced the arrival of several new stores.

When it lost Target, Best Buy, and several other stores a few years ago, life was drained from the mall.  Cory Boss, executive vice president of Lamar Companies, the real estate company that owns the buildings, is currently negotiating several leases.

In the spring, the Promenade will welcome Rampage Playground which will be located by JCPenney. This attraction will include a trampoline, slides, climbing walls, party rooms, and food for kids.

Throwback Family Fun is also hoping to open in 2020. Entertainment will include bowling, a roller-skating rink, laser tag, video gaming, party room, and food and drinks. Also, a dance studio for kids called Tappy Tots is set to open nearby.

Many stores have already opened, like Cash Fades, a barbershop near Harkins Theaters, and several spas. Cloud Nine Med Spa offers beauty treatments and 1 Stop Beauty Supply sells wigs, cosmetics and hair supplies.