Slow Down Arizona: The Dangers of Speeding


Karina Nardo

You’re driving on the I-10 in Phoenix with your friends, where the speed limit is 65 mph. After reading your school’s newspaper, your group wants to go to this new restaurant in the valley and take pictures at Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture. Your speed is about 75 mph, only ten over the limit. You’re in the fast lane and a car behind you is trying to pass. You realize they’re close to your bumper, so you decide to move over to the next lane safely. While maintaining the same speed, you see many cars pass you by, and you wonder why people speed.

An article from Harris and Graves Personal Injury Attorneys page lists these reasons:

Familiarity: When someone is used to their surroundings and takes the same route each day, the driver’s muscle memory gives them confidence to speed without much thought about any safety concerns.

Being late: Many people fail to give themselves enough time to get to their destination. Usually, it’s because they woke up late or decided to get a coffee first.

The thrill: Driving fast seems fun and a great way to experience driving like in the movies, even though it is dangerous.

The consequence for speeding is typically a ticket, with your speed influencing the amount you pay. Going 10 mph over the limit can result in paying a $250 fine. The fine goes up by $50 for 5 mph beyond that. A higher fee, such as $400, can happen if the driver goes over 20 mph. Usually, points can be taken off your driver’s license or your license can be taken away at this level.

When you speed, not only are you putting yourself at risk but also the lives of others.

According to the 2018 Crash Facts report from the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were more than 127,000 accidents in Arizona while about 42,000 of those accidents were caused by speeding behavior.

There is no need for speeding, and limits are set for safety reasons. Being careful while driving can prevent many difficult situations.