Mesa Business Has the Goods to Cater to Your Exotic Sweet Tooth


Garrett A. Taylor

Pop’s Exotic Soda & Snacks in Mesa has all the goods to satisfy your sweet tooth. Located at 423 N Country Club Dr. Suite 41, Pop’s has all the right snacks and sodas to satisfy even the most exotic of cravings. Whether you’re needing a bottle of Blue Pepsi or a box of Dunkaroos, Pop’s has it all. I recently had the opportunity to meet with Pop’s Exotics owner Michael “Pops” Minnis and ask him a few questions about his business.

Pops began his business as a hunt for exotic sodas that quickly took off as a hunt for foreign or even discontinued snacks and drinks from all over the globe. “It’s all about the customer,” said Pops over and over because that phrase is what drives the entire shop.

When I asked Pops what exotic items are most often asked for in the shop, he said it was a snack exclusively made in Asia called Oreo Mooncakes. They’re a fluffier sponge-like take on an Oreo, and they’re in high demand. He also let me know that the strangest item ever requested was egg salad pringles.

As for the soda search, Pops says the amazing thing is if you take a brand like Fanta, for example, we only get the basic four flavors in the United States. However, there are about 160 different flavors worldwide.

I had to ask Pops if there were any countries that are more difficult to receive orders from. China was the first country to come to mind because of the current climate with the U.S. and China’s trade relations. He informed me that his orders from China currently can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to get here because all products from China go to Thailand first, and then are shipped to the U.S. However, Pops says it only makes the items appear more exotic.

To place an order, one must go to social media. Customers send him a dm on Instagram with a picture of what they want, and that’s what starts the search. The exotic products include limited U.S. run items, products only sold in other countries, and products only available in certain parts of the U.S. He says if there’s a snack that a customer grew up with that is no longer readily available, he will go to great lengths to obtain it for his customers.

So, when you’re craving an exotic snack or drink, leave Pops a message on the store’s official Instagram page, “popsexotic,” or give them a call at (602) 761-0720.