The Pride of Our Community: Maricopa Veterans Day Coverage


Andrew Hage

What is the cost of freedom? Many do not truly understand the price the men and women veterans of our Armed Forces pay for it.  They miss holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, births, and deaths just so we can sleep soundly at night.

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, those veterans were honored with a ceremony to commemorate their sacrifices. The event began with a presentation of the American flag by members of the Maricopa High School JROTC led by Master Sergeant Gregory. While the stars and stripes waved in the wind, the words of our national anthem filled the courtyard.

After the presentation of colors, those in attendance, including school staff, students, members of the community, and children, recited the pledge of allegiance. Then the keynote speaker, CAC Veteran Benefits Counselor Kim Skelton, engaged the crowd with stories about her experiences from enlistment, to her deployments, and life after the military.

Concluding the event, Stephanie Winner, student academic advisor for Maricopa campus and President of the local Blue Star Mothers Chapter of Maricopa, encouraged those present to continue to honor our veterans, both those who are active and have returned home. Winner spoke of her son who is currently enlisted in the Armed Forces. Following the ceremony, attendees signed holiday cards and helped fill care packages for the troops serving overseas.

Winner had this to say about the ceremony, “I appreciate our community partners that were in attendance today, including City Council members, VFW, and American Legion members. Also, a big thanks to the families who brought out their children so they could be a part of this day. Additionally, a huge shout out to the students who orchestrated the ceremony, Elizabeth Prentice and Rebekka Harris. Their pride was on full display for our veterans and I think they brought a great honor to the school for a job well done. Finally, to those who helped decorate and fill care packages as well as signed holiday cards, thank you! Our troops will receive them soon, and I know they will enjoy them tremendously. The only wish I have is that there were more people in attendance today.”