Aravaipa Campus Welding Program Is Back

Jose Lira

For the first time in a long time, Aravaipa campus has a Welding program. Classes are taught by Professor Samuel Colton who has been in welding for many years.

In the past, CAC had a welding program, but then the copper market changed.  The area around Aravaipa started to struggle economically, and the mines began to lay off workers. CAC had to cut the program since few welding jobs were available.

Now with more companies moving to Arizona, welding again became a very valuable skill in different fields, such as automotive, mining, and aircraft construction.

Professor Colton wants students to know that this CAC program is not just tailored to mining welding. It will give students skills in various types of welding.

When CAC opened its doors 50 years ago, the Aravaipa campus was the designated campus of technology, and now the program again has a new welding simulator and robotic plasma cutter.

These classes are offered Monday – Thursday, and night classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The spring semester will bring even more options .