Many Companies Are Offering Tuition Assistance

Karina Nardo

There are many ways students can get tuition assistance to help pay for college. Working during college can be essential, and many companies can offer help through their programs.


For both hourly and salaried employees, Chipotle is covering 100% of tuition cost for 75 different face-to-face and online business and technology degrees. Quoting an article on their website, after working for about four months, employees become eligible for this program.  Employees can receive up to $5,000 annually if they work for at least 15 hours a week.

Home Depot

After 90 days of employment, employees can participate in their tuition reimbursement program. Salaried employees can get up to $5,000 annually. Full-time hourly employees can get up to $3,000 while part-time can get a total of $1,500 per year for tuition assistance. Home Depot also offers internships for anyone who wants to advance their career in the company.


Archways to Opportunities is a program that offers money to McDonald’s employees that are eligible and are taking college courses at an approved school. Full-time managers are eligible for $3,000 a year while working 30 hours a week. Crew members that work part time up to 15 hours a week and have worked at the franchise for at least 90 days can earn $2000 a year for the tuition assistance. The tuition assistance doesn’t pay for expenses that are already covered by scholarships or grants.


Full-time and part-time employees that do not already have a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP). There are over 60 online BA degrees to choose from at Arizona State University.  The cost of tuition is reimbursed after the end of each semester. If employees drop out or leave the company, they will be responsible to pay the remaining tuition for that semester. Employees that work in a licensed store, such grocery stores, are not eligible. More information can be found on Starbucks website.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell helps employees through their Live Mas Scholarship, GED Certification Program, and Guild Education degrees. Employees can earn college credit for training on the job and taking language certification courses. Taco Bell also offers services of educational coaches who can help you find the right college, class, or financial program.

Every company is different, and their distribution of benefits can vary. Some companies might want employees to take classes that are related to their business. The qualifications might be complicated and some personal information may be required to get accepted. More information on each of these programs can be found on the company’s website. Finding tuition assistance programs may be time consuming, but it is definitely worth it in