Getting to Know What Tutoring s All About

Kari Hunter

Central Arizona College provides opportunities for students to ask for help through their face-to-face and online tutoring services.

Tutoring is a great way to get one-on-one interactions with a person who is knowledgeable in writing, reading, science, math, and an array of other subjects. The tutor works at your pace to overcome learning obstacles so that you can gain a unique learning experience that you could not get with your professors.

Cassie Holcombe has been a tutor for subjects related to writing and reading at the Maricopa Campus for the last four years.

What is your best experience tutoring?

Holcombe:I have had a few, but I think one of my favorite experiences while tutoring is getting to meet people from around the world. I met a really nice lady and her husband who were from France. I met another young girl from Mexico and an older gentleman from Brazil. I get to meet new people from around the world who are here on vacation or to study, and they want to improve their English while they are here.

What do you like about tutoring?

Holcombe:I get to help people achieve their goals and dreams. I know, I received tutoring myself, so being able to give that back to other students is rewarding. I also get to learn new things. For example, I have helped students research topics I don’t know much about. So, that is exciting that I get to know new people and learn about new topics that other students are passionate about.

Do you dislike anything about tutoring?

Holcombe:Sometimes, I have students that come in with topics that I am not interested in. I had a student who was doing something about adult cartoons like Family Guy,and I am not really into that. When it’s a topic that I am less interested in or something that I am not as familiar with, it is a little hard to tutor because the more I know about a topic that more ideas I can give you. I have had a student who wanted to write about lowriders, like cars, and I had no knowledge of it.

Is there any moment or memory that stands out for you?

Holcombe:  I enjoy the moments where we laugh and joke around, but we also get the paper done. I like that I can have fun while getting work done.

If you want to meet a tutor in-person, always make an appointment by either going to the Learning Center’s front desk or calling in ahead of time. But if you can’t make the commute to campus or have other responsibilities at home, Central Arizona College provides other online tutoring services that may work for you.

Ultra Tutor Rooms is a “face-to-face” tutoring service on Blackboard. This service is virtual, so you can interact with your tutor through the camera on your personal computer or from a tutoring station at any campus. First, you call the appropriate campus or the number of the tutor that specializes in your subject to make an appointment. When your appointment time arrives, you simply log onto your Blackboard account on a device that has a functioning camera and microphone. When you get into your Blackboard account, you click the Tutoring tab and then the tutor’s name to sign into their room so that you can talk to the tutor virtually. This is a great alternative to “face-to-face” tutoring when you simply can’t be on campus or your campus doesn’t have a tutor that specializes in the subject you need help in.

However, when you simply don’t have the time in your schedule to make an appointment, there is the Online Tutoring service on Blackboard. Online Tutoring doesn’t involve any face-to-face interaction with your tutor. It also doesn’t require making an appointment. You can simply find the subject you need help in and send in a list of questions in whichever form the tutor prefers. Some of the tutors allow you to email, but usually you must submit your questions on Blackboard. This is a great way to get tutor’s written responses that you can keep as a reference. It can also be more convenient in saving time if you have a busy schedule.

Some important tips are to always make an appointment ahead of time by either calling or going to the Learning Center. Sometimes, if you go in person, you could see the tutor right away if they have no appointments during that time. But it is always better to set up an appointment ahead of time so that you can be better prepared for the tutor. When meeting a tutor coming prepared is essential. If it is your first time seeing a tutor, bringing in a list of questions and ideas that you need clarification on can help the tutor better understand how to help you.

Always ask for help when you need it.

Aravaipa Campus: 520-357-2821
Maricopa Campus: 520-494-6432
San Tan Campus: 480-677-7861
Signal Peak Campus: 520-494-5570
Superstition Mountain Campus: 480-677-7728