Working on Thanksgiving Has Its Perks

Garrett A. Taylor

Working on Thanksgiving offers many perks to those employed and looking for a job.

With many businesses set to open on Thanksgiving rather than Black Friday, the holiday is quickly being turned into Black Thursday. Major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Macy’s are opening their doors earlier than years prior which means for some Thanksgiving will be spent on a sales floor rather than with family. Many consumers and employees criticize the business practice as being intrusive on the holiday, but working on turkey day has its perks.

For most the holiday is a day to reflect on what they are thankful for and to spend time with family. There is, however, a fair number of those who find working on Thanksgiving not a terrible way to spend their day. After all, working on a holiday comes with additional financial benefits. Most businesses give holiday or overtime pay to those working on Thanksgiving, and this can be especially helpful around the expensive holiday season. Some companies even offer extra vacation time for working on holiday, which can be used to take time off when the majority return to work. Most vacation destinations offer discounted rates when compared to the big holiday seasons, so those extra vacation days can be spent wisely.

The rush of the official start of the holiday season gives those looking for jobs a chance to earn money for the holidays as well. The National Retail Federation has projected retailers in 2019 to hire an additional 530,000-590,000 seasonal employees to be adequately staffed for the Thanksgiving and Black Friday crowds.

The on-going debate of whether businesses should open on Thanksgiving is an interesting topic as the holiday season draws nearer.