The Freshman 15 Scare

Karina Nardo

The myth of the Freshman 15 can be true for college students who create bad eating habits which can ruin their health.

Freshman 15 is described as the weight students gain the first semester of college which is usually around 10-15 pounds. This typically happens because of the new set of routines and an unfamiliar environment. Students try to find the cheapest and less time-consuming eating options.

Here are some tips on how to improve your health by changing your eating habits and creating a proper balance. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed food. Don’t skip meals but skip the fast food lines. Make a shopping list and pack your own lunch. Try not to over or under eat.

Additionally, regular exercise, as well as sleep, can contribute to your well-being. There are also many different apps that you can download that can help you take care of your health. On a smartphone, health apps are already installed, and they can keep track of your activity, sleep, mindfulness and nutrition.

According to the Center for Online Education, your nutrition impacts your overall wellness and physical health.