IT Taking Over the Theatres Once Again

Jose Lira

IT has been scaring generations for years, and now there is a new sequel to excite horror fans. Each time Stephen King’s twisted novel IT has come to the silver screen, it has frightened the whole nation with Pennywise the clown.

IT takes place in Derry, Maine in 1958. There is a group of kids that call themselves the Losers. They hang out every day around the town and eventually realize Pennywise the clown is feasting off the youth of Derry. The fearless Loser gang has to stop Pennywise twice, once in the first movie and hopefully for the last time in the sequel.

The release of the television miniseries in 1990 created quite a cult following of this movie. The miniseries brought a lot of attention to people who fear clowns. Halloween after that seemed to be taken over by everyone wearing clown costumes and spooking those with this phobia.

After 1990, horror fans and movie goers were itching for more of Pennywise. In 2017, fans rejoiced when they came to find out a remake of IT was in production. The remake of IT did not disappoint. The film was a scorching hit in the box office. Most fans thought that the remake was even better than the original. IT even got some new fans to start following the franchise.

Along with the success came real life scares. People were dressing up as clowns and trying to be spotted. Some even became violent. However, no one can officially say that this “clown epidemic” was because of the IT movie.  The “clown epidemic” took social media by storm and even made it to the news cycle for many weeks.

Now with IT Chapter 2 in theatres, most people cannot wait to see the conclusion to how the Losers from Derry put away Pennywise the clown for good. Since the first chapter of the movie was about their interaction with Pennywise when they were kids, IT Chapter 2 is going to focus on how they will say goodbye to the clown as adults and save the current and future kids of Derry. If you are a horror fan, you will not want to miss the ending to one of the most terrorizing film franchises ever.