When Will Arizona Sports be Competitive Again?

Calvin Schapira

Winning… That is the expectation and sole purpose of any professional sports team. Unfortunately, Arizona professional sports teams haven’t been up to par consistently for a few years in the four major sports groups: baseball (Arizona Diamondbacks), basketball (Phoenix Suns), football (Arizona Cardinals), and hockey (Arizona Coyotes). The 2009 Cardinals Super Bowl defeat is the last time an Arizona team made it to a championship final.  The historic 2001 Diamondbacks World Series win is the last time an Arizona team brought home a championship title from the top four sports. So, when will Arizona reach the level of winning that the Los Angeles or Boston sports teams have reached? The answer is unknown, but the future may be looking bright.

The D-Backs, according to the MLB official website, have the 5th best prospects in all of baseball and are hoping to have a fresh start next season with some new faces. The Suns, who have had a very poor record, have had consecutive seasons with lottery picks and appear to be on the rise to have a talented young team. Also, the Arizona Cardinals just secured the #1 overall pick in Kyler Murry, who is poised to be the next big thing in the NFL and reboot the Cardinals to win again. Finally, the Coyotes, coming off a drought of being the bottom of the league, appear to also be contenders due to a good young core coming up along with big offseason moves to improve the depth of the team.

While it may have been a rough couple of years to be an Arizona sports fan, there is light on the horizon, and it is an exciting time to stay with the hometown teams as they begin their quest to be elite again.