Study Abroad: A Life-Changing Experience

Andrew Rhea

CAC students can get away for spring break in 2020 and study abroad in Greece or Spain. These trips will affect the student’s personal, professional, and academic life by positively influencing their career path, worldview, and self-confidence.

Communication Studies is offering a study abroad opportunity to Greece through an Intercultural Communication course in the Spring semester. Students must complete a 10-week COM 263 course to participate.

On March 14-22, 2020, students will explore ancient Greek history and culture, and experience Greek language and cuisine. Students will travel to Athens, Olympia, and Delphi.  The projected cost of this program is $3,685, which includes airfare, accommodations, tours and more. A $95 deposit is required to secure a spot for the trip.

For more information and a full itinerary visit EFCST.COM/2209142JW or contact Professor Michelle Young, Communication Studies, at 520-494-5063.

Humanities studies is offering a chance to go to Spain over spring break through CAC’s online humanities class HMC251.

On March 12-21, 2020, students will see Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Ronda, and Seville. The total cost of the trip is $3,710. Applications will be accepted through October 15, 2019 and thereafter on a space-available basis.

For the whole itinerary and more information, visit the Humanities page on CAC website or contact Alyson Hanson at [email protected].

Some of the past trips that CAC has offered were trips to Ireland, Japan, Italy, and France. Here are some reviews from students who went on those trips.

2019 Humanities Tour of Italy:

“The ACIS trip went above and beyond my expectations. Everything was well-planned and coordinated, never once did I feel nervous about being in a foreign country.”  (CAC Student)

“I feel like this trip changed me by making me stop and realize how big life can be. I did not think at the age of twenty I would be sitting in Saint Marks Square drinking a cup of green tea while listening to live music, or standing under the Sistine Chapel looking at one of my favorite paintings The Creation of Adam, or even getting to see how massive the marble statue David by Michelangelo is. I took time to take it all in and realize how surreal the experience was. I made memories there that I will remember for the rest of my life.”  (CAC Student)

2018 Humanities Tour of France:

“We packed in so many activities that I felt that my money was really well spent. The hotels were walking distance from everything we needed. We felt very immersed in the culture.” (CAC Student)

“Thanks to our tour guide we were able to experience much better than I ever could alone. Everything was well organized and planned so I was never lost or confused. I would definitely go on a trip like this again.” (CAC Student)