CAC Opens Food Pantries on All Campuses

Ravenna Hinojosa

This semester, in an attempt to meet students’ basic needs, Central Arizona College set up a free food pantry for students on every campus.

The pantries are open Monday through Thursday at every CAC campus library from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and no ID is required. Students will find non-perishable and hygienic goods, such as ramen, canned goods, body wash, and shampoo. Community members are also welcome.

The pantries are part of an initiative to fight hunger within the community. Currently, 60,000 people in Pinal County struggle with food security, according to the organization Feeding America. Library director Adri Saavedra was part of the founding group, which aimed to help struggling CAC students. “CAC staff want students to think about their studies instead of worrying where their next meal will come from,” says Adri. Aravaipa librarian Becky Swift says, “This is a great way to get the school involved in the community, by offering these amenities to them.”

Anyone looking to donate can bring goods to any CAC library. The most requested items are snacks, instant meals, and personal hygiene items. Monetary donations can also be made through the CAC website.

For more information or to donate, visit