Through The Looking Glass (September)


Last semester while sit­ting in a meeting for publications class, Pro­fessor Tatterson requested article ideas from the news­paper staff for the Cactus. In my 3 years taking classes at the Signal Peak Campus, I’ve often wondered what life on campus was like when the school first opened and the subsequent years since. Out of that brainstorming session, an idea was born.

The Cactus is proud to fea­ture a new article series titled “Through the Looking Glass.” With the guidance and gen­erosity of Barbara Gibson, Technical and Media Support Specialist at Central Arizona College (CAC) along with Di­ana Almader, Librarian at the Signal Peak Campus, Elliot Johnson and I will research the archives in search of amaz­ing articles and classic photos that the Cactus Staff has re­ported on through the years.

cactus_banner_69CAC first opened its doors in 1969 and many changes have been made to the school.

Did you ever wonder where the Vaqueros/Vaqueras nick­name came from? Did the ten­nis courts ever see any action? Many clubs, sports and even fashions have also changed throughout the years. This is where we would love input from our fellow students and staff about what time period intrigues you. Would you want to see a photo from the 60’s, 70’s, or the fabulous 80’s?

Email us your ideas at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to feature the event or style. We look forward to your suggestions and we hope that you will enjoy this new addition to the Cactus as much as we will.} else {