CAC Jazz Choir Students Travel to North Texas

Vocal Jazz Workshop Immerses Students in ‘Priceless and Amazing’ Experience


Dr. Kim Osteen-Petreshock, Choral Director, Cactus Staff Writer

Choral director, Kim Osteen-Petreshock, and four Jazz Choir students attended the Univer­sity of North Texas Summer Vocal Jazz Workshop in Den­ton, Texas from June 22nd to June 27. UNT has one of the top jazz programs in the coun­try. The workshop consisted of five days of ensemble sing­ing, solo singing, improvisa­tion classes, and special topics classes.

The experience ended with a concert performance of the music that had been learned throughout the week. Rochelle Ashcroft called the experience “priceless and amazing”, stating, “I learned many new things I will be able to use in my future sing­ing and performing.” DJ Pefu added, “Since joining the CAC Jazz Choir, I’ve gotten over my stage fright and am now able to read sheet music and know the corresponding keys on the piano after a semes­ter with choir and five days at the UNT Workshop. Both of these programs are in­credible.”

Ben Blount said, “Five days immersed in jazz and vocal improvisation accompanied by so many talented individuals com­pletely vibrated my musical molecules to a level where I see so many new doors in all genres of music.” This was Dr. Osteen-Petreshock’s second time attending the workshop, and she credits the experience with mak­ing improvisation enjoyable for her. “I actually partici­pated in a vocal improv jam session this time around, which I cannot picture my­self doing before this experi­ence.” She hopes to encour­age other students to attend this workshop during future summers.