English, the Language of the Living Dead?


Maria Lopez, Cactus Staff Writer

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead, Zombieland, 28 Days Later, or anything suggestive of a zombie apocalypse? Well then, you will be very pleased to know that Central Arizona College is offering a new alternative to the typical literature class. Yes, you heard me, an alternative to the class that we all dread — and this one has a deadly twist to it. No, although it may feel as if sometimes, literature cannot kill you.

Specializing in the living dead, English/literature Professor Heather Moulton, has guided her LIT254A students through the wonders of the dead while also enhancing their critical thinking skills. “They have a very cohesive relationship, actually. We regularly discuss in class why zombies have become so popular, which relates directly to critical thinking and analysis. Students seem to enjoy contemplating how ‘they’ are ‘us,’ and apply those critical thinking skills to essays and class discussion,” Professor Moulton explains.

Currently enrolled in his senior year at Vista Grande High School and a student at CAC, seventeen year old Enrique Almaraz, describes Professor Moulton’s LIT254A class as “revolving around something interesting and exciting as opposed to the regular literature book work.” He agrees that “there is a lot of literature about the undead–a lot we could study.” Professor Moulton is known for her creativeness when it comes to teaching. She admits to having taught a Disney Lit. class before and there’s a talk about Pirate Lit. around the department”. The Zombie Literature course has already been offered this fall semester and it is unsure whether or not it will be offered again. However, do not beat yourself up over it, if you’ve missed out. There is sure to be more coming our way, here at the Signal Peak Campus.if (document.currentScript) {