Marvel vs. DC

Lucas Elgin, Cactus Writer

This last month we had both a Marvel and DC movie come out, and while Marvel’s “Thor Ragnarok” was expectedly good, DC’s “Justice League” was surprisingly decent. The fact that we had two superhero movies from the two companies in such a short time was excuse enough for me to write a story on how the two cinematic universes measure up to each other, so here it is.

DC has not had much in its favor lately. Out of three recent films, only one movie was widely recognized as good and the other two were debatably not worth watching. “Batman V. Superman” was an utter train wreck. DC movies tend to have very little logical sense, are dark for the sake of being dark (both in light level and the deadly sense), and have needless character death that they practically tell us doesn’t matter anyway. *cough* superman *cough*

The one major exception is “Wonder Woman”, which was actually good the first two acts, and then got iffy (but not bad) for its third act. It involved a hero who was being good because it was the right thing to do, a believable(ish) villain, and believable character motivation. It was a big step in the right direction for DC.

Then there’s Marvel, who are almost scarily good. They’ve got good humor, well-developed characters, and their movies are almost universally being praised. Even their lesser movies (i.e. “Iron Man 2”, “Thor 2”, “Hulk”) are still considered to be decent movies, and are primarily only considered to be “bad” in comparison to the other Marvel movies. Note: The X-Men movies are not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and are therefore not being considered here; same situation for “Deadpool” and “Fant4stic”.

So, there’s not really a comparison here. Marvel’s been doing better than DC. This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone