CAC Walks with Lights

Ivy McClanahan, Cactus Writer

Imagine the sun going down and the first float finally coming around the corner. You’ve been waiting in a crowd of people for half an hour, hoping to get a good view of the parade. Various smells fill the air: the sweetness of kettle corn, the savory smell of fry bread, hot chocolate and coffee from people trying to stay warm and awake. Marching bands, floats, people waving and handing out candy. It is a sight to see, and for many people, it’s a holiday tradition.

Lights, floats, action! CAC is participating in the Casa Grande Electric Light Parade this year. The parade is held every year on the first Saturday of December.  A festival called Winter Wonderland takes place before the parade in downtown Casa Grande offering food vendors, live music, and game booths.

Electric Light Parades offer a cool twist on the ordinary parades. They still showcase many different clubs and organizations; however, they are held at night with each float being lit up by various lights ranging from white or colored Christmas lights, strobe lights, and even glow sticks.

One CAC student, Leah Cirks, has been in the Electric Light Parade a total of four times. “It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve played in the marching band in middle school for three years and rode on a pirate ship-themed float supporting one of my high school plays.” Cirks mentioned that there hasn’t been a more fun event. Although she’s never seen the parade first hand, she though it was fun to dress up with lights and glow sticks. “The time I rode on the pirate ship float was the most fun. I got to wave at people passing by as Disney Christmas music was playing, and then when the Pirates of the Caribbean theme came on, we all broke out into a sword fight. It was really cool to be a part of.”

So bring your blankets, jackets, and lawn chairs, and come out and support CAC as they journey through the streets of Casa Grande, lighting their way into the holiday season.