“Under the Same Moon”

Tears and a Change of Heart


Taylor Demeter, Cactus Contributor

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Maricopa campus held a viewing of the movie, “Under the Same Moon” on Oct. 4 and 5.

According to the Hispanic National Heritage month website, Sep. 15 – Oct. 15 is the month of celebration. It is when millions of people get together to learn about the amazing culture and past of the Latino community, and their importance in diversifying and bringing their culture to America.

The film is outstanding, and it definitely pulls at your heart strings. It gives you a completely different outlook on life, specifically on the controversial issue of illegal immigration.  This film is told from the perspective of a family trying to better their lives, and for them going to the United States is the only option.

After the film was over, not only were there tears, but a change of heart as well. It helped me gain knowledge of the people who do attempt to cross the border. It helped me understand how hard it is to survive once they get to America.

It was an outstanding film! Thank you, CAC Maricopa campus!