Costumes That Need To Fizzle Out Already

Don’t Be Caught Dead In These Horrifying Choices

Socorro Carrillo, Cactus Staff Writer

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year. It’s right after my birthday and right before Thanksgiving! However, the convenient timing of All Hallows Eve isn’t the best part. It is, of course, the costumes. On the flip side, many people seem to revel in the fact that costumes offer them the opportunity to be something different for the night.  So instead of using their noggin they just go as something tacky and obnoxious. So here are three costumes to avoid and how to revamp them!

“Sexy” Inanimate Object”

I’m looking at you, purveyors of, there is no reason why anyone in the world should ever dress as a sexy lime wedge. Never mind the fact it’s a just a holographic dress cut to an indecent length, it’s really lame. When you dress up as a sexy inanimate object, you’re telling the world that you could dress up as anything in the world and you decided to go as a sexy pizza, sexy laptop, or sexy corncob! What’s next a sexy cardboard box? When does the madness end?!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong supporter in the body love movement, however you can love your body any day of the week. Halloween is where you show everyone how witty, creative, or silly you are with a piece of clothing. Use it wisely and go as a sexy book. Take a cardboard box and put a scandalous novel’s cover on it.

Costumes that utilize one’s ahem-“assets”

If you’re reading this article it most likely means you’re over the age of 18. Which means you know that body humor is no longer appropriate. Men-— any phallic costume that you’re currently concocting is seriously out of the question. Women—please see above for my stance on this. Exchange this idea for something a little more normal and go as a character that fits your body type. The more obscure the better. You’re still putting your body to good use just in a better way.

Costumes that are cliché

Everyone and their mother has gone as a ghost, Spiderman, or someone from Star Wars. Be better! You have a muscle that’s inside your cranium that literally named itself. You can be so original that you’ll probably be able to trademark and make billions off of merchandising. Avoid the cliché and go against the grain, scour social media, throw something together and have the time of your life!

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