CAC Student Art Show

Olivia Wauer, Cactus Writer

On October 11, Signal Peak Campus held an art show at the Student Art Gallery, hosted by Visual Arts.  This showcasing shed light on the uniqueness of the different art classes and students here at CAC.  The ability to branch out in creativity allowed these students to truly amaze their visitors.  It turns out, incredible talent was right under our noses.

The classes featured in this event were 2D Drawing, Metalwork/Jewelry Making, Ceramics, and Advanced Photography.  Each class brought something different to the display sets and, from what I eavesdropped on, everyone who attended was thoroughly impressed!

2D Drawing students were instructed to draw rooms/objects they could study in every detail.  The accuracy is clear even without seeing photos of the actual subject.  The beautiful lines and just pure perfection on each piece of paper brought the rooms to life so well that they looked more like photographs than drawings.

Metalwork/Jewelry Making students used solder and unbelievably tiny saws to create beautiful designs and attach them to uniquely shaped backgrounds, all out of copper.  Many even used heat to change the coloring of their pieces.  I truly wish everyone could see the delicacy and creativity classes like this require.

Ceramics students shared with me a few stories about their crazy professor who makes learning extra fun.  For this project, students had to create their own version of a holy grail.  This idea was inspired by “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the film that students watched in class to prepare for their assignment.  It made me so jealous.

Advanced Photography students all had different types of impressive photos that not just any person has the eye for.  The timing and patience needed for many of these particular photos is something to admire.  These students have the ability to take something one may perceive as drab and turn into something people would pay thousands for.

I was definitely far more pleased than I had expected, and I will be returning.  The date of the next art show is November 8th in room N107.  Be sure to attend for free art and food.