Mica’s Makeup Tips

Mica’s Makeup Tips

Micaela Valenzuela, Cactus Contributor

Whether you’re barely starting out with makeup, or you don’t really care for a full-faced beat, or you’re just on a budget – you have to have to know some makeup hacks/tips. I’m here to tell you a few things I have learned that’ll take your application/collection to the next level.

Tip #1: On a budget and need a blinding highlight? Just go to your local store that sells cake products and ask for pearl dust. Pearl dust is a loose pigment used to put a shine on cakes, and it works well for a natural glow, or it can be built up for a more extreme highlight. Pearl dust is very affordable ranging from $4 to $6.

Tip #2: Brow pomade/pencil a little too pigmented for those brows? Want a more natural brow? Eyeshadow is a great alternative. All you need to do is have some sort of angled brush, wet it, and dip it in the eyeshadow.

Tip #3: Good lighting isn’t just for taking great pics. It’s a big part of applying makeup properly. Make sure whatever light you use, it’s facing you straight on. If it is more to one side of your face, the makeup on the other side has a greater chance of coming out harsher. Since you have to strain to turn your face and get that lighting, you may not realize that the contour you keep applying because you can’t see is actually darker than the part of your face that you can see.

Tip #4: Foundation looking a little flaky? Try exfoliating your skin a little when you wash your face. It helps with getting rid of dead, dry skin you may have and gives you a clean canvas to work on when you do your makeup. Also applying moisturizer to your face before you start your makeup will keep your face from getting dry and your foundation from flaking.

Tip #5: Broken eyeshadow or highlighter? No worries! There is a way to save any broken makeup you may have. In the container the product comes in, just crush the rest up and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to it. Use a spoon to smooth and compact the product in, and just let it dry.