Mysterious Spaces: Student Art Gallery Opening

Tatiana Keeling, Cactus Advisor

Room 107 in N building on Signal Peak campus is buzzing with excitement. I spot the president of the college along with several deans and professors. I see several students slowly making their way around the room admiring the beautiful photographs on the walls and carefully examining mysterious 3D projects on displays. But the most interesting sight is the creators of all this art. Some of them cling to the walls trying to make themselves invisible and giggling uncomfortably; others proudly stand by their artwork welcoming questions and comments.

This is the opening day of the Student Art Exhibit at Signal Peak Campus. On September 13, 2017, students who are taking art and digital art classes at CAC got an opportunity to display their projects and share their art with the campus community.

Sue Tatterson, professor of Digital Media, explains that the focus of this exhibit is on architecture. “The assignment was called ‘spaces.’ Students were asked to create a sense of an interior or an exterior space through photographs, and they used perspective to add depth to the images.”

It explains the photographs of fences, beams, archways, courtyards, and construction sites, all taken from unusual perspectives and all equally fascinating. In one of the images, I recognize the space at Signal Peak campus that I pass by every day on my way to class. Somehow, it transformed itself into a beautiful piece of art. I look at Brenna Hester’s “Variation of Line” and get lost in the intricate design of her seemingly simple piece. I stare at Rebecca Christensen’s 3D project made out of paper and tape wondering what it represents. The title gives me pause – “Held Together by Hope.” What did she mean?

This is the first of the three gallery openings that are scheduled for the fall semester. Professor Tatterson points out, “The student art openings are an excellent opportunity for the students to display their work and to give them a wider audience than just the classroom. It’s a really good opportunity all around.”

So take a break from your demanding schedule, stressful obligations and never-ending homework. Slow down the time and enjoy the beautiful art pieces created by your fellow students. Visit one of the exhibits at the Student Art Gallery located in room N 107 on Signal Peak campus.

The next Student Art Gallery opening will be the 11th of October