What’s Love Got to Do With it…Again!


Kevin Abke, Cactus Writer

The existence of love will be debated once again on October 5th at 7 P.M. at the Pence Center on the Signal Peak Campus. This will be the 2nd debate on the subject. The 1st debate was held last spring at the San Tan Campus. Returning to the debate will be Dr. Sandra Rath and Dr. Derrick Span. They are very excited to attend the event again in a spirited effort to prove to the other that love does or does not truly exist. The existence of love is a topic that touches us all.

Dr. Span, Professor of Sociology and Philosophy, says, “Love does not exist in fact as an entity. Love is purely a form of heightened self-interest.” Dr. Span is not afraid of a challenge. Firm in his convictions, he will defend that love is a word just like any other. “Ouch is a word but ‘Ouch’, does not exist. There is nothing called an Ouch. It’s just an expression to describe how we feel about something that negatively impacted us at the moment.”

Dr. Rath is Professor of Communication Studies, a doer of decent deeds, and an advocate of the language of love, argues, “The problem with love is that we do not have the words to fully express our meanings. It is not that love does not exist is that we use it in multiple contexts so it loses its intended meaning.”

In addition, Thomas Williams, Thao Nguyen, and Dr. Carlos Vega will argue their perspectives. Dr. Vega, an Arizona licensed psychologist since 1983, believes that “love” or lack thereof is invariably intertwined with psychological health or illness. Thao Nguyen, who graduated from CAC in May 2017, will explore the notion of love from the perspective of Asian cultures. Thomas Williams will present the LGBT argument, and Dr. Elizabeth Baroi, Professor of Psychology, will host the event as the moderator.

This is sure to be an exciting event that you will not want to miss. After opening remarks and presentation of arguments, the debate will welcome questions from the audience. Reserve your free tickets to the event at www.eventsatCAC.com.