Our Lounge, Our Legacy

Look Out World, Maricopa is a Real Campus Now!

Michaela Korges, Cactus Writer

We have been called a campus for years, but now it is official for we have a student lounge. A microwave and a booth for Air Hockey in the cafeteria have been bestowed upon us by the powers that be. There shall even be a student monitor working to maintain our bit of paradise.

Do not restrain yourselves, my fellow Maricopa residents, let the celebration begin!

No longer must we bring cold lunches from home; now we may bask in the warm glow of our favorite microwave dinners. Gone are the days when we would rely on our electronic devices for entertainment (at least completely). Now let there be epic duels to see who the ruler of Air Hockey is. We shall use our powers as college students to take procrastination to new heights.

So I urge you, fellow students, to check out this piece of paradise in C building, but do not stain the microwave with hot dog guts and smells that cannot be identified. Heed the words of the Lounge Monitor when he or she says to stop using the puck as a weapon.

This is our pride, our legacy, and this is what makes us a campus.