The Nerds Want You to Talk Tattoo


Tattoo Nation Poster

Michaela Korges, Cactus Writer

Your local campus may soon be host to a tattoo-themed event presented by Phi Theta Kappa, the honors society at CAC.

All of these events, which will vary from campus to campus, are part of PTK’s annual Honors in Action (HIA) project. PTK members have been working over the summer to choose a theme and plan this project. Now they are looking to students to get involved in the specific events that will be hosted on various campuses.

As discussed at the Maricopa planning meeting, a poster board with moveable pictures of tattoos will be placed in the cafeteria beginning October 17th at the Globalization Party. One side will hold photographs that students find vulgar and the other side will hold photographs that students find beautiful. The purpose of this exercise is to measure students’ perceptions of tattoos and look at the differences in opinion.

Those who frequent the Superstition Mountain Campus will see the HIA project in the form of a questionnaire. According to Berenice Pelayo, VP of Honors in Action at Superstition Mountain, PTK members will be asking students with tattoos for the story behind their ink. Pelayo explained that this project is designed to “create a mutual understanding about tattoos amongst communities.” At this event students will be able to share their own perception of tattoos and their relevance to society.

The event that PTK leaders at the San Tan campus chose is a booth where students can take photos of their tattoos (if appropriate). Holly Langan, a PTK member at STC, said that the event will take place alongside the Fall Festival on October 27th. For those with tattoos this will be a unique opportunity to share their body art and the meaning behind it.

Aravaipa Campus will also be involved in the HIA project according to Maren Wilson, the advisor of PTK at AVC. “Aravaipa Campus members are contributing to discussions and research and are working on service and advocacy projects that arise from the research,” she said. “For example, we are going to take tattoo photographs and collect tattoo stories at our campus palooza.”

Last but not least, the Signal Peak campus will be showing a collection of tattoos from students and the community alike. Sofya Pangburn, VP of HIA at Signal Peak, said that the tattoo exhibit will consist of “photographs of tattoos and the stories behind them”. She also mentioned that students who are interested in becoming a part of the exhibit can submit a photo to the PTK President at SPC, Luisandra Sainzlopez. The president can be reached at her student email: [email protected].

One event that will be hosted on all campuses will be a screening of the documentary Tattoo Nation. According to PTK advisor Heather Moulton, the show times for each campus are as follows:

SMC: Wed, Oct. 11th, 6:30-8:30 pm, F129

MAR: Mon, Oct. 16th, 4:00-6:00 pm, A102

STC: Tue, Oct. 17th, 4:00-6:00 pm, A100

SPC: Wed, Oct. 18th, 4:00-6:00 pm, A2111ABC (Res. Life Tower classroom)