Endless Fun is to Roll Into Casa Grande

Amusement Park Will Open in Casa Grande Late 2019


Leah Cirks, Cactus Writer

The Block Sports Co., mainly located in Florida, has been seeking approval for the Dreamport Village amusement park since March of 2017. According to the Casa Grande Dispatch, as of August this year, the City of Casa Grande has approved the project. It will be located off the I-10 and the I-8 near Arizona City.

Projected to open in October of 2019, the park will be built in phases. Future hopes for the park include an amusement park as well as an extreme sports complex, retail centers and resort hotels. Rollercoasters, as well as waterslides and go-kart racing are all part of the plan.

This large attraction is expected to create 5,800 jobs in the Casa Grande area. According to a slideshow by the Block Sports Co., this project is also expected to bring in 8 million visitors in the first year and create $400 million in annual revenue.

For more information about this project, watch the ABC 15 report at www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5YInXmTpIM.

You may also review the full Dreamport Villages presentation at www.pinalcountyaz.gov/bos/Lists/BOS%20Minutes/Attachments/935/3-%20Dreamport%20Villages%20Project.pdf .

Alyssa Escarcega, a CAC student, stated, “I find it exciting because Casa Grande is very small as it is right now, but has the potential to expand with the opening of the amusement park. It will bring more people, attract larger businesses and create more job opportunities.”

Something this big and exciting could be a great economic boost for Casa Grande.