Around Campus

Kevin Abke, Cactus Writer

Community Forums
CAC President, Dr. Jackie Elliot and members of the board have been conducting community forums, throughout the month of April. The final forum was held on April 20, at the Superstition Mountain Campus.
The forums’ focus has been to inform the community of the future direction of CAC and to invite community input. The forums have been a success. Although there can always be more community involvement, the turnout has been good and the dialogue very productive. A central issue discussed across all meetings is how CAC can improve communication. Dr. Elliot’s goal is to lead the school in a direction that will be more cost effective and provide a quality education with emphasis on a curriculum that assists students with transferring to major institutions like Arizona State University, U of A and NAU.

Dr. Elliot plans to continue the forums in the future. Participation in the forums is strongly encouraged.
Western Regional Honors Conference

The CAC Honors Program participated in a conference held at Oregon Southern University in Ashland, Oregon. Dr. Carol Johnson and six members of the Honors Program (HNR205) traveled to Oregon to join other schools to present their honors projects on the weekend of April 7th – April 9th 2017.

The conference featured presentations the honors students have been working on or have completed. All of the CAC students presented in 40 minute forums and answered questions from their audiences on Saturday.

The group attended an amazing live modern stage performance of Julius Caesar at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on Friday night. The event included a dinner Saturday night with Keynote speaker Cynthia Rider, Executive Director Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The group returned late Sunday night.

Honors students will be presenting their project at Signal Peak and Superstition Mountain campuses starting April 24th and completing May 11th. Everyone is encouraged to attend the presentations. Contact Dr. Carol Johnson for details, dates, and times.

Clothesline Project
Student Leadership Organization organized the Clothesline Project at the Superstition Mountain Campus for Sexual Assault Awareness Month the week of April 17 – April 20. There were 37 participants overall, making it the most successful event of the year.

The clothesline event represents community and student support for the prevention of sexual violence and assault.
Students organized tables in the lobby of the F building for their peers to design T-shirts artistically and have them hung for the week to raise awareness.
On Monday April 17, there were five forums to raise awareness about the different aspects and circumstances of sexual violence.

Donations were raised to benefit the Coalition of Arizona Against Family Abuse also known as CAAFA.
Student Leadership will continue sexual assault awareness by holding “Denim Day” on Wednesday April 26. Students will be dressing in denim to demonstrate opposition to a rape case ruling in Italy. Denim Day was established in 1999 because of a rape case ruling in Italy. The judge ruled that because the man involved in the rape case claimed that his victim’s jeans were so tight he could not have removed her jeans by himself that she must have assisted, therefore this implied consent.

Relay for Life

The annual relay for life race was held at Coolidge High School on Friday April 21st from 6pm until 6 am. Participants walked all night long creating the relay! The overnight event was held because of the motto, “Cancer never sleeps, therefore we don’t sleep, and we should keep fighting!”
Activities at the event included a survivor dinner, Imagine School Choir, United Dance Studio, scavenger hunt, lip sync contest, trivia contest, and a minute to win it competition.

At 9pm, the Luminary Ceremony kicked off. Paper bags contained lighted candles, in honor of or in memory of someone who is a friend of or a loved one who has had cancer.

Students at Superstition Mountain Campus created the baton that was used in the event.

Signal Peak Construction
The main entrance to the Signal Peak campus is closed. Anyone needing to enter the campus will need to use the central receiving entrance located just east of the main entrance.

The construction of a new Student Union and Science building has begun at Signal Peak campus. The construction is scheduled to be completed summer 2018 and the buildings will be open for the Fall 2018 semester.

The Student Union will consist of a variety of campus amenities, including a Dining Hall, Café, Vaquero Student Lounge, Student Organization Workrooms, a Private Conference / Dining Room, Meeting Rooms, Campus Bookstore and Public Safety.

It is important that people understand that the existing science building will be demolished. The space will be replanted with native vegetation and assimilated back into the existing desert.

Patience during this period of construction is greatly appreciated.