CAC Students and Faculty Travel to Ireland

Student abroad trip a huge success

CAC Students and Faculty Travel to Ireland

Ashley Jackson, Cactus Writer

Everybody comes from somewhere.” Professor Heather Moulton proudly reiterates after her recent endeavor to the Emerald Isle – more commonly known as Ireland. The only complaint she had about her stay in Ireland was purely the fact that “There wasn’t enough time.” The next Humanities Tour is to France, from May 14th through the 28th of 2018. During your trip to France you will visit Paris, Lorie Valley, and Normandy. Professor Moulton and her students have nothing but encouraging words for the upcoming trip. “Take out a loan” Moulton jokingly mentions when asked what one should do if they can’t necessarily afford such a lavish trip. Having traveled half of Europe in my short nineteen years, I truthfully attest to what Moulton is expressing. Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

“How can you connect with who you are if you don’t know your beginning?” The English Professor paused when answering what was so enriching about her visit to Europe. Naturally as an English teacher one of the most phenomenal experiences she had was visiting the grave of William Butler Yates, one of the most renowned poets of the 20th century. “Or castles” she adds quickly, “there were just so many beautiful castles.” Moulton isn’t the only one who wanted more time in Ireland. “Yes! I would most definitely recommend this trip to someone else. The trip taught me so much more than just facts about Ireland,” Holly Langan, one of the students who accompanied Moulton, states enthusiastically.

Langan raises an important point when she mentions how intriguing it was to her that the people of Ireland all turn off their water heaters when they aren’t using them to conserve their resources, far unlike Americans. Having family in Ireland, I too found it so odd that most homes are not even equiped with garbage disposals, and that instead they opt for a compound waste method to dispose of their left-over food. “We live in a melting pot” and “It’s so vital to see how other people live”. Professor Moulton couldn’t possibly be more right, and while she and Holly are both eagerly planning their next trip they encourage you to consider all the benefits of travel. “Travel while you’re young and your only responsibilities are growing and learning.” The only thing travel can do to your life is enrich it. “Travel is highly important in a person’s growth” Langan assures, so keep that 2018 Paris trip in mind, dive outside your comfort zone, and get the chance to experience something new – we can all promise that you won’t be sorry.