Resident Life is Changing for the Better… Again

Miranda Martinez, Cactus Writer

Don’t forget to complete your application for fall housing!

The Housing Application for returning residents has been open since March 1st! And the incoming students’ application is open from now until classes begin in the fall semester. If you plan on returning to the Residence Halls during the fall 2017 semester you will be required to create a new application. Your room deposit will be rolled over; however, you do need to fill out a new application for the upcoming year. A major change to living on campus is students must maintain a minimum of 6 credits to live on campus opposed to the old 12 credits you once needed to live on campus! Three of those credits must be in a fully face-to-face (in person) class. That means you can be a part time student and still live on campus! However, to live on campus you must be actively enrolled in 6 credits! That means if you take a short-term or late-start class you can only live on-campus during the time that you are attending a total of six credits.

Other changes that will be happening is a change in the housing assignment. New housing assignments for first year and second year students will be available for the next semester. First year students will now be assigned to the 1300s, 1200s, or the Tower building. To live in the towers, you must have a 2.0 grade point average by the end of Spring 2017. Returning students will now be assigned to the Suites (1100s). There are living options for second year students in the Tower buildings. There will now be a 24-hour quiet floor for new and returning students! The 24-hour quiet floor is for students that want to focus on academics and a quiet living environment. Finally, requests for single rooms have been updated as well. Super Single rooms are now only offered in designated quads and limited to returning students with no student conduct record and that are in good academic standing with the College. This means you must have a 2.0 grade point average or higher.

With all these changes to the Residence Life halls we will also be getting a small make over to make our living experience better. We will o be getting new floors to match the floors in the 1300s. These renovations will start in the 1200s over summer break as to not disrupt the students in the resident halls. We will also be getting new furniture for all the living areas in Res-Life including chairs and desks. We are getting a much needed update in the furniture.