Love Debated

Kevin Abke, Cactus Writer

A debate was held Wednesday April 5th, 2017, at the San Tan Campus to find out if love really exists. Drs. Sandra Rath, Derrick Span, and John Owens debated over the existence of LOVE. The 90-minute forum which included questions from the audience was held in the main lobby of the D building. The outcome of the debate may have left you confused as to whether love does really exist. The debaters presented very compelling arguments to help attendees decide on their own if love is real.

Dr. Rath put forth a compelling argument in favor of love and that love is a feeling on many levels. She defined love in other languages and cultures. She explained that love is different from other emotions and is very complex. You love your friends differently than you do your spouse, but either way it is still love.

Dr. Span held firm that actions are in self-interest. His argument was based on the general premise that you don’t feel love. He presented the argument that you do things, like holding a door, for your own self-interest to make yourself feel good.

Dr. Owens was the devil’s advocate of the arguments. “Love exists, but love does not exist by itself,” said Dr. Owen. His argument was to say that love is not a simple emotion, but rather a more complex emotion dependent on other factors.

All the debaters agreed that our culture overuses the word “Love” to the point it loses meaning. Following the debate, people around campus kept the debate alive by continuing discussions on the highlights.

Following the debate, faculty and students recapped the debate in hallways and classrooms, and even at other campuses. It was common to hear people asking others what they thought of the debate and what their opinion is regarding the topic. Overall the debate was a success and students and staff hope to have it repeated in the future.