Through the Looking Glass

Food Fight Fury


Rebecca Christensen, Cactus Writer

If you walk into our cafeteria these days, you might see a stray knuckle-sandwich, or the odd cat fight. What you don’t see, thankfully, are food fights. Back in 1972, this was not so. According to a few articles in the archived Cactus editions, food fights were an occurrence, albeit irregularly so. These were the days, apparently, when students could be found raisin’ the roof with fantastically filthy food fights.

According to an editorial, one such ham-fisted attempt at destroying the interior decoration of the cafeteria resulted in “cakes, pies, peas, biscuits, salads, and enchilada’s” splattered from the floors to the windows. This may seem funny, but the workers left to clean up after the mess were anything but amused. While the students didn’t “carrot” all, in a letter to the editor, Food Service Manager Jim Connelly said he had to go stand in the middle of the cafeteria like a babysitter, to keep “the children” from continuing the food fight.

You might think that it was only a handful of students, but according to the article, there were several participants, following the first like he was the pied-piper himself. It was also, “ap-pear-ently,” not the first incident. It seems so odd that students would be inclined to start a food fight, but perhaps some of the students of the 70’s were of a different mindset than those of us today.

Well, while I could “taco-bout” food fights all day, I’ll stop “as-salt-ing” the English language now. Aren’t, you glad now?