Over the Rainbow

Rei, Cactus Contributor

Have you ever been listening to a song and wished the girl was singing about a crush she had on another girl, or a boy singing about his boyfriend? Have you ever just wanted to listen to someone who has the same identity as you? I think many of us want songs and artists we can relate to. Seeing artists who are out and proud can give us a feeling of relief, knowing we’re not alone and can become successful.

Troye Sivan was one of the first musicians from my generation who came out as gay. I watched as he went from a YouTube star to touring across countries in a short time. He released a series of music videos called “The Blue Neighborhood” that were so heart wrenching and beautiful it struck chord in many people. It may not be the music video to look to for inspiration, but so many people can relate to the theme and the idea of being represented by someone from the LGBT+ community is amazing. It is reassuring to know it’s from the view of someone who understands. Mary Lambert is a lesbian singer who wrote a song called “She Keeps Me Warm”. Her fame skyrocketed when she was asked to make the chorus for Macklemore and Ryan Louis’ song “Same Love” which was later integrated into her song.

Halsey has never been ashamed about her bisexuality. She knows what she’s about and doesn’t back down from people who ridicule her. When her song ‘Ghost’ and its music video was released, it immediately became viral. I remember so many of my friends being excited at the video when it came out. Who wouldn’t have been when Halsey is such a popular singer and received so much exposure due to the song. The world can’t deny the existence of bisexuality. Brendon Urie’s song “Girls/Girls/Boys” was also instantly popular when it was released. Urie’s commented on the inspiration behind the song explaining it was based on his own experiences. Hayley Kiyoko released a music video called “Gravel to Tempo” describing her struggles of growing up having crushes on girls. She also has other songs about girls liking other girls, such as “Girls Like Girls” and “Cliff’s Edge.”

There are also a few singers who are on the non-binary spectrum, do not conform to stereotypical gender ideals, and have made an impact for future generations, such as Prince, David Bowie, and a popular rapper, Angel Haze. Angel Haze had tweeted that they were agender and prefer the pronouns “they/them”, which is awesome because they’re like me! I know some people may not see the what the big deal is to have someone out and proud and be successful as well, but it’s so important to know that you’re not alone. Even though many of the artists’ songs are about the struggle of coming to terms with their sexuality and identity, that doesn’t mean that’s what life is about.

Hopefully, in the near future, we’ll have many more songs about the sweetness of being in love or living your life, happy and married.