ASU Offers a Way to College

A New Scholarship for Phi Theta Kappa Students

Ashley Jackson, Cactus Writer

Arizona State University now offers a scholarship to Phi Theta Kappa students. This is the first PTK specific scholarship ASU has extended to students in many years. Like many universities and community colleges, ASU has received budget cuts which has hindered the number of scholarships the university is able to offer. The scholarship is worth $2000 and is eligible for renewal for one additional year (for a total of 4 terms).

To apply, a student must meet certain criteria. The applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.50. While students are not required to show a need for financial assistance, they do need to be an Arizona resident. Only transferring PTK undergraduates can apply to the scholarship; upon admission, students must have full-time enrollment status. The scholarship is applicable to four of the six ASU campuses: Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe, and West.

Students who are eligible for application must have attended community college the semester prior to being admitted to ASU. If you are a PTK member planning to transfer to ASU in the fall, this scholarship is something to consider. The ASU Phi Theta Kappa scholarship may be merged with other institutional merit scholarships. In order renew the scholarship, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and complete at least 30 ASU credit hours.

To those PTK students interested in attending ASU, this is one way you can pay for education. You have proved to CAC that you are capable of academic success and this scholarship can help continue your academic achievements. To apply, please follow the link: Students must upload proof of Phi Theta Kappa membership with scholarship application. The deadline to apply is Sunday, April 27th, 2017.

For more information on the number of scholarships ASU offers to transfer students, contact ASU Transfer Admission Specialist, Daisy Loren at 480-727-5417, or follow the link: