Tutoring at CAC

Many of us have had the pleasure of the Learning Center Tutors helping us get through tough assignments. I asked some of the tutors a few simple questions to help raise student’s awareness of what the department offers. I talked to Rick Sortais and Stacy Bliss-Lefebvre, tutors at the Superstition Mountain Campus and Justin Olmstead, a tutor at the San Tan Campus.

How long have you been a tutor and what made you want to do this?
Rick: I have been tutoring at SMC for 17 years. I enjoy helping students succeed in difficult subjects.
Justin: Since Aug 2016.

Do all 5 campuses have tutors?
Rick: Yes, but not all campuses have specific tutors for specific subjects. For example SMC lacks an accounting tutor. However, campuses have the ability to connect to other campuses through Polycom throughout the district.
Stacy: At the SMC campus the tutors cover many subjects, however at other campuses the tutors might be more specific.
Justin: To my knowledge they all do. For certain they all use Polycom, whenever there is not a person available.

What subjects does the Learning Center tutor?
Rick: Although the Learning Center can help in a variety of subjects, the majority of students are looking for assistance in math, science and/or writing. Understandably, math is the Learning Center’s most in-demand subject.
Stacy: The Learning Center can tutor most students. We regularly tutor math, science, English, reading and writing.
Justin: At STC we regularly tutor in math, CIS, reading and writing.

Are the learning centers managed individually or by the college as a whole?
Rick: The Learning Center has a director and an associate director. The director of the Learning Center, Barrington Campbell, has an office at Signal Peak Campus. The associate director, Temenoujka Fuller, has an office at the Superstition Mountain campus.

What are the rules for students making appointment with the Learning Center?
Rick: Students are allowed 2 hours per week per subject.
Justin: The general guideline is no more than 1 hour per subject per day per student, but we can flex on this dependent on student needs.

What do you look for in an ideal student being assisted?
Rick: We welcome all students in the Learning Center. The district has excellent tutors who can help almost any student.
Justin: Since students are involved in academic efforts the students should be prepared with class requirements, class notes, assignment prompts and a willingness to grow academically. Scheduling an appointment ahead of time is always best.

Thank you Rick, Stacy and Justin for taking time to answer questions that I hope will help students take advantage of a great benefit that Central Arizona College provides.