Hello From Maricopa

Black History Month

Michaela Korges, Cactus Writer

Trumpet notes accompanied by the voice of Louie Armstrong filled the air at the Maricopa Campus on February 27th. The Student Leadership Organization (SLO) was hosting a scavenger hunt to celebrate Black History Month.
Unlike past SLO events, this was essentially one giant game held at various locations on campus. In order to complete the scavenger hunt one had to finish five miniature challenges in proper order. Participants were given a card for the hosts of the games to sign when they had completed the challenge. Games were held on the green, in between the B and C buildings and inside the A building.

The game-within-a-game included a mix and match of African American artists to their works, a bean bag toss, and a Beignet cake walk. There was also a version of Jeopardy where participants guessed the names of African American contributors to fields like Literature and Philosophy. The trivia questions ranged in difficulty from matching the super soaker and its inventor to recognizing former first lady Michelle Obama. Those who completed all of the games were able to collect prizes including lanyards, rubber ducks, and notebooks.

This event provided an opportunity for students to learn about African American culture and achievements. Seth, one of the students who attended, remarked “It helps you connect to people and see what level you’re at.” Everyone who participated found out what they knew, or didn’t know, about the Harlem Renaissance and African American History.
Unfortunately, unforeseen weather struck halfway through the festivities. All of the games were moved inside the A building in room 101. If you were looking for the games in between the B and C building, where they were advertised to be, you may have missed out if you looked after four o’ clock. Fortunately, there was enough room inside for all of the games and the event resumed promptly.