Thinking Air Force

Thinking Air Force

Ashley Jackson, Cactus Writer

Joining forces with the military can be a daunting decision; four to six years of immediate commitment. According to the Airman’s Creed you will be “flying, fighting, and winning all for your nation.” If you are interested or already hear your nation calling, your Air Force recruiters are ready for you. At 362 Air Force Recruiting Squadron, 9380 W. Westgate BLVD STE D-109, you can begin your journey with ease, proper attention, and excellent guidance.

Even though your mission is to “fly, fight, and win for your nation” the two hundred and twenty one careers in the Air Force span from Cyber Security to Broadcast Journalism, Food and Services, all the way to the highly desired Pilot detail. You can even defend your nation’s honor as a Regional or Premier Band member. All enlisted members of the Military, however, must complete Basic Military Training, “BMT.” “BMT was the most demanding and gratifying work you will ever experience in your life.” Tyler Foutz, Army enlisted 2016.

Before leaving for BMT, you will begin by meeting with one of the Air Force recruiting Sergeants or Airman of higher rank, which will begin your initial process of enlistment. If you are an individual with a high school education or higher, you will immediately be asked to fill out basic paperwork, determining if you are eligible to enlist in the armed services – questions ranging from what is your height and weight to your potential history with the law. Once one of the six recruiters available have assessed your paperwork and deemed you viable, you will then be asked if you’ve taken the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery “ASVAB” test and what your potential score is. If you have yet to take the exam you will be placed in a room where you will take a practice version, roughly twenty minutes long, to determine if you’re ready to take the official exam.

After your pre-exam has been taken and discussed you will follow your recruiter to his or her office, where you will then discuss your future steps. Paperwork will be handed to you, which needs to be filled out in full before the next time you meet with your recruiter, and you will be asked if you’re prepared to move forward. If you don’t need to take extra time and preparation for the ASVABs your next step will be to schedule a date for the Military Entrance Processing Station, “MEPS.” MEPS will be where you take your official ASVAB exam, if you have yet to take it, perform a physical test, or decide on an available career. It is also during MEPS that you, will be sworn in to the Air Force. MEPS is a one day process, so if you are not fully devoted to promising four to six years of your life to the military, it will be strongly suggested, by your recruiter, to take the necessary time to think long and hard about your decision. From that moment forward, after you swear in, you will officially be an Airman in training.