A Night at the Oscars

Rolling out the Red Carpet at CAC


Rebecca Christensen, Cactus Writer

Who hasn’t heard of the Oscars? For that matter, who hasn’t wanted to attend them, if not for the awards or the celebrities then for the “swag bags” worth six figures, or the delicious hors d’oeuvres? If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be in luck; CAC is rolling out a (literal) red carpet for an Oscars themed spring concert this April 20th.

Entry to A Night at the Oscars will be free to all who attend, and starts at 7 p.m. Held in the Pence Center, it will be filled with all the glitz and glamour one can dream of. The main event of the night is the concert being performed by the CAC Wind Ensemble, with director Rick Moore. The Ensemble will be performing, not only numbers that were nominated for Oscars, but winning songs in categories such as “Best Film Score”, or “Best Song”. Some of the songs to be played include “When you Wish Upon a Star”, “Chim Chim Cheree”, and “Under the Sea”. To add to the experience of the music, relevant scenes from the movies will be projected onto the stage.

The concert will feature not only numbers payed by the entire Ensemble, but soloists as well. Lou Bagley, Meghan Ramos, Scott Ludwig, Nate Kievert, and Maddie Schlottman will all be playing individual pieces during the concert.
The CAC Wind Ensemble isn’t the only musical group performing on the night; The Santa Cruz Valley Union High School band, under the leadership of Joshua White, will be starting off the concert with a handful of songs such as “Adagio for Winds”, and “The Wizard of Oz Meets the Wiz”. The Santa Cruz High School band is one of many invited, on occasion, to play at CAC. Mr. White will not only be directing the Santa Cruz High School band, but will be performing as a member of the CAC Wind Ensemble as well.

In collaboration with the Music Department, the Theater Department will be providing a rather unique and exciting component to A Night at the Oscars. If you’ve ever wanted to get a look at Oscar winning actors and actresses, without a screen in the way, this might be your chance! Beginning at 5:30 p.m. several acting students will be portraying celebrities at this event. If you come and walk the red carpet, you can get your picture taken with an Oscar award-winning actor!

In addition to the music of A Night at the Oscars, the annual student art show will also be on display. The art show starts at 5 p.m. and runs until the concert begins. If you wish to attend, the art will be displayed in the entrance way of the Pence Center for anyone to view. Select art pieces from the last two semesters will be featured in the show. The Culinary Department will provide refreshments for the art show, as well as to A Night at the Oscars.

If you’re curious as to where an Oscars themed concert came from, Professor Rick Moore, the aforementioned director of the CAC Wind Ensemble, came up with the idea. However, the Music Department isn’t the only one involved in setting up the show. A Night at the Oscars is an interdepartmental collaboration between the Music Department, the Theater Department, Community Events, and the Culinary Department. The Music Dept. is fairly obvious in its contribution, and Community Events will be helping set up the décor.

When asked about concert themes, Professor Moore mentioned that A Night at the Oscars will be the most in-depth theme they’ve ever had for a concert. Typically, a concert is themed around one song, while the upcoming one revolves around several songs. When I asked about how the Ensemble members felt about the theme, Professor Moore said that they were excited. When I inquired if they too would be dressing up for the theme, Professor Moore replied in the negative, but added “a number of them want to play Stormtroopers.”