The Rise of Indie Films

Lenah Lankhaar , Cactus Writer

Over the past few years, Indie films have gained more prominence in huge theater chains, rather than only being screened at films festivals. Film companies like A24 have been producing movies that in addition to being featured in theaters have been nominated and won awards at ceremonies that usually cater to the massive production studios that run Hollywood. Films like Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight and La La Land were all shot on indie film budgets but were some of the most talked about films in 2016.
These low-budget films were box office hits and attracted a lot of award buzz. There is something different about indie films that the audience may not notice. The writer is usually involved significantly more with an indie than with a blockbuster. The films are also not very showy due to the low budget. An audience can expect less computer generated imagery and massive sets.
The way these films are put together is special and audiences are picking up on that. It is refreshing to see smaller films noticed in an industry where they are usually drowned out by mega hits, such as the Avengers. Directors are more involved with the process of making the film, which is directly translated on screen. Better directing adds depth to the experience. Overall, the film industry is moving in a direction that caters more to the indie films. People want more meaning and directors want to be more involved. This is creating a shift in the film industry. Big studios want to produce these low budget films; they save money in production, and they are starting to make a considerable amount of money in the box office. Without a doubt, indie films are becoming more prominent and are likely continue to rise in prominence in the future.