Loss of Maternity Benefits for Mother and Child

Miranda Martinez , Cactus Writer

With the dismantling of Obamacare many benefits for both children, teens, adults and even mothers’ and infants are being cut. Hundreds of people are going to be losing benefits such as doctor visits and affordable medication. With so many people losing their benefits one of the most troubling to me is the cut of maternity benefits and post-natal care. Obamacare maternity care benefits consist of required coverage for prenatal care, mom’s hospitalization for labor and delivery, a possible stay in Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) for thirty days for a preterm infant, along with newborn care.
Prior to 2014, women who purchased their own health insurance were often completely out of luck if they wanted to have maternity coverage. In 2013, the National Women’s Law Center reported that only 12 percent of individual market plans included maternity benefits, even though nine states have required maternity benefits to be included on all individual plans.
President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress have vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare, but there have been no details of their plans and whether they will offer the same kinds of protections for women in the insurance marketplace. Women across the country must watch and demand that our representatives consider the damage not only women but families will suffer if they lose access to health care.
As the child of a single mother I know the hardships of having to deal with health care benefits. My mother is a teacher, and most plans are either one person or a family of four with two incomes. So, when the two of us need coverage it’s either pay for a family of four or just her and hope I can get free health care or anything at all. With these changes and cuts so many children and families will be without the health care they need which will not only lead to hundreds of kids at risk of both illnesses and even death, but it will leave so many middle-class families and single income homes frantic to get coverage for themselves and their children.