‘Split’ Movie Review


Lenah Lankhaar, Cactus Writer

Split sees the return of writer/director M. Night Shymalan. The movie follows the story of a man who has twenty-three different personalities. James Mc Evoy plays the role of Kevin, the host of these multiple characters. Kevin kidnaps three girls while under the influence of one of his personalities, Dennis. There are only eight personalities shown throughout the movie. The interaction between them is intriguing and mysterious. Dennis, Hedwig and Patricia are the main alternate personalities the movie follows, which adds a different dimension to the film, and is not usually seen.
The storyline was thrilling and was made more interesting by the fact that one person represented many different characters, and just when you thought something good was going to happen there was a twist. Throughout this movie it was difficult to keep track of just who was the antagonist or protagonist at any given time. Overall the storyline was gripping, the cinematography was brilliant and added to the suspense, the writing was smart without being confusing and all these elements aided to the overall film being interesting and a film that made you want to keep watching.
This would be a good film to see if you enjoy a movie that is unpredictable. Also, if you are a fan of Shymalan’s older films, this is a treat. It will keep you guessing with every scene. It was easy to watch and very entertaining throughout the entire movie.