No Left Turn

Ashley Jackson, Cactus Writer

Attention all Maricopa residents and visitors.As many of you may know construction has been underway on Smith-Enke Rd., expanding the roads in order to alleviate congested traffic. Starting on December 26 left turns became prohibited from, Desert Greens Dr. and the Maricopa Public Library Driveway – this has become a permanent restriction.
During the restriction drivers wanting to go east on Smith-Enke Rd. from the Rancho El Dorado subdivision are encouraged to use Santa Rosa Dr. to exit, instead of Desert Greens Dr. The initial restriction, which was expected to last until January 9, has extended due to poor city planning.
Many residents, who exit the library and need to go right, drive in the opposite direction towards the Province subdivision, and make a U-turn in order to achieve swift and safe access on Smith-Enke Rd. There are no official plans but there has been mention of a light at Desert Greens Dr. that would allow residents access and use of a left turn once again. Many Maricopa residents have expressed their concern about the inconvenience and the city hopes to achieve a proper resolution.