Hello From Maricopa

Michaela Korges, Cactus Writer

As students settle into a new semester, Student Leadership Organization (SLO) is already planning events that will be going on here at Maricopa campus. According to the new president, Daniela Picento, SLO has an entire semester of events planned out for students. “For the month of February, I believe on the twenty-seventh… we’re going to be having a Black History Month event. It’s going to be a recreation of the Harlem Renaissance,” said Picento. This will be a new cultural experience for some students and a great learning opportunity. Ms. Picento continued, “In March, [no date yet] there’s going to be a women’s luncheon… community members nominate somebody [a woman] who you think is exemplary or who inspires you… from Pinal County.” Students who want to submit a nomination should email Ms. Picento at [email protected]!
Ms. Picento also talked a little bit about events that will be going on in the future but don’t have set dates yet. “In April, I know we will be having the Sexual Abuse Awareness event. I’m not sure how the school wants to handle it… if they want to do it similar to domestic violence awareness month where we do an activity every week, or if they just want to choose one big activity,” explained Picento. Last year, the school had a clothesline where participants could support victims of sexual abuse with messages written on different colored t-shirts.
“We’re going to be having a spring showcase… So if you’re a sculptor, if you’re a painter… a writer, a singer, …if you create clothes, we want you to come and display your work. We’re trying to make it a night activity, from perhaps 6-8pm,” continued Picento. Community members are encouraged to come and show off their artistic talent. Food submissions are also accepted. Contact SLO and find out if you can display your work or just help set up the event.