Mac Bok Pro: “Light. Years. Ahead”

Tech Review

Sierra Lewis, Cactus Writer

Guess what??? Apple has officially aged our Mac Book Pros again.  The new Mac Book Pro, once again, resembles something you may have seen on Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, the Disney Channel movie that was very popular around the time we were all just starting our school careers. The new Mac Book Pro includes 10 hours of battery life for those long-haul final study sessions in the library, when all the outlets are taken. It weighs only three pounds, so you will not even notice it resting in your bag on your way to class, it has a thirteen or fifteen inch retina display, and the thirteen inch model is a mere .59 of an inch thin! If it sounds like the computer of your dreams, you are thinking right — because it is. Oh, and another small detail it also comes in rose gold, which is the only reason I need to buy it right now! It is also “fully equipped for a wireless world” so that means pretty much no more cables for anything. It also includes the new force touch track pad which means your new Mac will do different things based on the force you apply while touching the pad. If you have not sent in your Christmas wish list to Santa yet I recommend you only write one thing. The new Mac Book Pro.if (document.currentScript) {